Fiat 500 Sport – Project Van Gogh – Day 2 of the Clean – Copart Salvage Repair. No crash.

Getting it cleaned, lets do the seats and the carpet. This vandalised Fiat 500 Sport gets a new lease of life.

Rebuilding a Copart Car – 2009 Ford KA – Ep 2 – Front End Rebuild

Rebuilding a Ford KA that we purchased from Copart as a category N salvage Car. I bought this KA randomly while watching the Copart auctions. In this episode we complete … Read More

Project Foxy – Day 1 of the repair – Topless Fiat 500C – Copart Cat S Salvage Crashed Repair

Making a start on the repair. Today we tackle the door and the wing.

Project F-Abarth – Finished. Copart Crashed Salvage Cat D Fake Abarth restored back to a Lounge.

This is the final video in the Project F-Abarth series. It’s finally finished (or will be after a final clean) and although I still don’t have the log book back, … Read More

Project F-Abarth – Fiat 500 Copart Crashed Cat N Repair

Hopefully, you watched the first video in this series and I’m not giving anything away with this one. If you haven’t watched it, watch it first then come back. Starting … Read More

Project Marilyn Day 4 – Back from the bodyshop, time for MoT – Cat S Copart Crashed Fiat 500 repair.

Marilyn was at the bodyshop for a few weeks until they got around to it. They made a pretty good job and now it’s time to get it ready for … Read More

Rob & Viv Day 1 Part 2 – Cat N Copart Crashed Fiat 500. Continuing the repair on the same day

I say at the start, welcome to Day 2. It was actually Day 1, but part 2. Recorded on the same afternoon from the previous video. Tackling the front. Was … Read More

Project Henrietta Day 3 – Cat S Copart Fiat 500 Facelift Crashed Repair

Day 3. Getting ready to be able to drive for a few days prior to the bodyshop.

Project Marilyn Day 3 – Still on the front – Cat S Copart Fiat 500 Lounge

Still working on that front corner. Hinges have arrived. I decided to get a new inner wing and get it to the bodyshop to fit it.

Fiat 500 Abarth Turismo – Ready for Sale now – Copart Cat S Stolen/Recovered from Copart Chester

So the Abarth is finally finished. After the stolen recovered Cat S was bought in Copart Chester last March it’s been a great year driving it, but it always had … Read More