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As alluded to in the title of this video, over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been posting some Top 5 Fast Wagon videos and before you watch this one, Part 3, we’d highly recommend checking out Parts 1 and 2, just so you get a vibe for what the criteria is.

But for those up to date, welcome to Part 3 and yep we are upping the budget to $30,000 to $50,000 Aussie dollars.

At ReDriven, we’ll be taking you through the pros and cons of a huge range of used cars to see how well they’re going now that they’re a few years old, have thousands of kilometres on the clock, and are coming toward the end of their warranty, or maybe don’t have one at all.

Plus, thanks to our resident mechanic, Jim, you’ll find out what commonly goes wrong with them and what might need to be fixed.

Most importantly, we want to make ReDriven a voice for the most in-the-know used car experts there are…you guys.. See, you’re the ones that actually buy, live with, love and sometimes unfortunately hate the cars we’ll be reviewing.

So we want to hear your thoughts. Hit us up in the comments, or on Instagram and Facebook.

We’d love nothing more than for you to give us as much feedback as possible, so we can make this channel the best it can be.

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37 thoughts on “Top 5 FAST WAGONS: Part 3 | ReDriven

  1. I kind of like the smaller wagons with the Euros – the RS4 and S4, the C55 AMG Wagon and the new, C43 AMG Wagon (or C63 if you want ALL the horses) vs the S6 and E-class. Just look a little better imo, and yeah you miss out on some horses but lighter weight…? maybe haha.

  2. In our region (Northern Europe) Mitsubishi is really rare sight and possibly underrated. I can't even think of the dealer that handles Mitsus off the top of my head.
    Anyway, could you please please please, do a review of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo ( +/- Wagon form ) ? I am curious on how safe & sound they are. I also have no idea on the "reliability" reputation of Mitsu or specifically these cars… Are they like Jaguar/Range-Rover or Toyota/Honda or somewhere in between?

    Cheer Mate!

  3. I’m sorry Adam but as I look at the details a bit too much, I have to say that at 5:29 it’s actually an A6 interior rather than the A4. Also if you’re wondering why the yanks aren’t buying wagons. Well they are, but they are the type of wagons that have sport in the name but are actually less sporty than normal wagons. Also if you make another list with an increased budget, maybe $100k, then I say screw the rules of international availability and chuck the gen f2 clubsport r8 LSA tourer in the list

  4. The US got the RS6…for one year, as a sedan. And it was problematic since day one. They get the new RS6 Avant, but it's pretty expensive, and there's the RS7 that has the exact same engine as the RS6.

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