34 thoughts on “The 12v VR6 Jetta Wagon Is Done! ( First Drive & Interesting Ending )

  1. Hey Christian wagon looks great! Those subframe bolts are TTY and would suggest replacing them since they hold control arms on. I’m a firm believer of replacing all the VW tty stuff since I’ve had stuff back in out on me even torquing to spec.

  2. That's great you and Martin have finished the Jetta wagon, plus you drove it home. Love the BBS lighted sign at Martin's shop! Hopefully you secondary cooling system is ok, since there was G12 on ground when you got home. That great also that Casey will be back in Germany on Sunday!

  3. Great job! I have a bunch of stuff to do to my entire MK4 and 1.8T NB fleet. The biggest job so far was replacing the 1.8T on my NB due to low oil pressure which I suspect it’s being caused by rods and main bearings wear sin the oil pressure drops when the engine it at working temperature. I have been slowly putting it back together but I have been replacing basically everything I see it’s not up to spec or looks suspicious.
    It’s that last 10% that takes the most time and extra expense when basically working on a 20 year old car without maintenance history and poor maintenance from previous owners.

    My next big job is replacing the heater core on my ‘00 AEG Golf and while I’m at it, converting from manual HVAC controls to Climatronic. After that it should be body work and a full respray with OEM+ bits. Lastly possibly a 07K swap.

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