I’m deleting this entire conversation! Honda making clicking noises

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22 thoughts on “I’m deleting this entire conversation! Honda making clicking noises

  1. That was so pleasing to watch. Also I feel a lot more confident about doing this myself if I need to. 😀 Just gotta get the torque specs and the right tools. Simpler than I thought it was.

  2. No atf on the mating surface to the axle seals? OK, that's forgivable. I'm sure there's plenty already on the seal. No moly grease on the hub splines? Woof! Good luck to whoever eventually replaces the hub bearings. Plus that gear is good to prevent wear on the hub splines. Also, honda specifically calls out putting grease on the faces of the hub bearing wear the axle sits & wear the nut sits. Otherwise it can cause a chatter. Hard to say you'd ever see a comeback from that, but they spec that for a reason.

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