Affordable standalone for your MK4 1.8T

We’ve put together an affordable real standalone option that’s plug n play for the MK4 1.8T AWP/AWW engine. We do this with an EMU Black ECU from ECU Master, and adapter harness. This is not for everyone but for those looking to go the extra mile this is a great alternative then trying to use stock ECU.

This is a very robust solution to take you very far when modifying your 1.8T. It can be tuned on a completely stock engine and grow with you as you upgrade, or plugged into your existing build. Also this ECU can be used on basically any engine 5cyl, 6cyl, 8cyl engine. Meaning if you move on to a different project down the road, decide to swap a different engine, or just move to a different platform all together and the ECU can move with you.


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