7 thoughts on “Where's the ST Gone? Sold? Broken? – Channel Update

  1. Still haven't got round to looking at your fob I take it 😄 I'm telling you man, had the same unlocking issue with my Fiesta and one of the posts holding the board in place was broken. If that's the issue with yours as well, it's a simple case of just swapping the button side of the fob (the side that holds the circuit board, the other side holds the immobiliser chip) and transferring the board over and reattaching the two halves.

  2. i know what you mean man, but for me Youtube is a place for me to document all my mods and i enjoy making videos. Like you say even the Collins Mount that i did was already done, i even stated this right at the start of the video but i like to both document it and also its my take on it and my own video for my followers. You shouldnt not make content becuase others have. Youtubers are not all making content thats the first. I have even had nasty comments on Facebook becuase of this reason, saying i am daft and boring as people have done thee mods before. But its my full time hobby so scew them lol. I love the idea of the older Fiesta being done up, i would utterly love a mk1 Focus or Fiesta in the future. Which i bet there are videos already on. Its like how many youtubers are out there with brand new mk8 Fiesta STs and brand new Focus RSs, loads of them

  3. You know my feelings on it lol film everything as everyone’s take on things is different, some people show others what to do and some people waffle for 12 minutes just fitting things to the car. Some bigger YouTubers do this as well. Keep grinding the content 🙂 however if you are selling up then a diesel mk6 would be good as you could get some content on that or maybe a mondeo? I know your subscribers may like an ST150 video but that’s the same as me and filming the Focus every now and then lol

  4. It's odd to hear ST's have bad economy. Mines gets high 30's even though I drive it like a rental, yet lexus is200 is low 20's and treated much nicer. I've never had one of the mega mpg motorway muncher cars though or had to commute for work.

    I get it though, if I did videos I'd have nothing to cover. I did all the stuff I wanted in the first year owning it mod-wise and just enjoyed it since, fix the odd thing like thermostat or boot solenoid which sure you could do videos on. Chances are someone else has by this point anyway.

  5. I disagree bro.. I think you should do those vids on you ST. People wanna see your take and advice on thise subjects, they also might not sub or watch those others. Theres plenty of room on YT for everyone to do stuff. Keep at it bro 👍💪🤜

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