Opel Corsa – Cabin Filter Replacement

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21 thoughts on “Opel Corsa – Cabin Filter Replacement

  1. I read in a forum that, supposedly, the containment of that filter can be a source for water getting into the cabin. Now that I see this, I wonder if that's really possible, the case of the filter looks so flat, and angled in a direction where I doubt water could reside.
    What is your opinion on that?

    As for my car's problem… the floor on the driver's side is wet after a rainfall. The lid of the BCM box was replaced, now I don't get water on my feet anymore from the pedals… but the carpet still gets wet after a strong rain, so there is another leak somewhere…

  2. Great video (apart from filter orientation,lol). No silly music, no talking, just getting on with the job with no distractions. If only all tutorials could be like this on Youtube.

  3. Thank you for your videos! Very helpful and easy to understand! Please continue to make more for corsa C 🙂 maybe how to replace hand break and gear stick gaitors? 😉

  4. I suppose pollen filter was fitted incorrectly, not with air flow direction, arrow printed on the top edge shows different direction that it was on the old filter. Sides of the the filter are bend, I hope air will not go there and avoid filter. I changed this onece and it was quite difficult, a lot of gimnastic with plastic cover, finally I could't close this two plastic hooks (?) and battery cables were on this plastic cover so I needed disconnect battery, and after this set up clock and date on dashboard again. I thought that "german" cars are easier to service than "french" however I had less gimnastic and it was faster in renault, and cabin filter was inside the cabin not under the bonnet 🙂

  5. Just tried putting on a new pollen filter because this video looks so simple but the battery terminals run in the way as mine is right handed drive and it's much Harder to get to pollen filter on British corsa c than German one or Hungarian

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