Hatch in forward bulkhead. For airlock. She slides and twista 90°

There is not much space in the foremost part of the boat. To find a place for the hatch she rides on a string to the port side of the hull. This is a mockup but it seams to work wery well

23 thoughts on “Hatch in forward bulkhead. For airlock. She slides and twista 90°


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  2. Thank you very much for the videos you make and share with us all. I enjoy and appreciate watching you progress through the build process. I hope this finds you well and happy, but I had a feeling you might be a little low today. Hope this adds a little cheer to your day 🙂

  3. Thanks Sven, may be going to look at a beautiful shipwright restored Swedish Folkboat next weekend. You have converted to me to small size, but I am vain and like some pretty too.

  4. It Is so that if there Is Water intake at the bow or centerboard case, Water pressure will work against that seal! There will be a top entrance at the fore peak to be possible to get rid of the Water and fix the problem! Is that way that ir works!

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