Ford Fiesta | Interior Work | Upholstery | Audio upgrade

“Old friends are the best kind” and in some cases it’s our car. Cars are our partner in difficult times. Heavy rains, traffic, scorching sun, freezing air etc., our car always gives us comfort and a sense of safety. Car knows more about you than anyone, car saw you laughed with your dear ones and when you cried secretly in it. Car felt the pain when you asked God to get you out from tough situations. Car heard your joke and abuse. She has perceived the world from your observation.
For some, their present cars are step towards their dream car. They are the mode to let them from point A to point B. For some people, their car is not just the car but their friend, status, happiness and joy. No matter how rich you are and how many cars you bought but one cannot forget its first car. You cannot forget the name, the brand, the model you had or have. Some sell them to upgrade and some
park them in their yard as a memento.
Customizing exterior is cool but most of the time we spend inside the car. And that is why customizing interior has to be considered carefully. The color of upholstery, dash view, floor idea, audio console and roof shade etc., blends together to display your personality and attitude.
This Ford Fiesta is of 2012 model and carry her attachment in the heart of its owner who did not want to let her go off from his eyes. The owner wants to make her up catchy again and our team have made sure to fulfill his expectation with us.
Upholstery: with slightly added cushions to the seats to restore the shape and size of the seats, rewrapped with Beige colored leather. Also, black color is used to make the whole interior contrasting. Floor mat, Dash, Console facia, gear lever base has been painted black to give the interior a classy touch.
Steering Wheel: Like a premium car steering, Car Cupid made sure to give its rider a class apart premium feel whenever he holds the wheel. A complete leather wrapped, inner cushioning, hand stitched work has been tailored by our expert.
Audio System: Most fun customization is to have a new sound system. What good is an awesome ride without equally refined tunes. Android audio device has been installed to give an interior an advanced look and which also gives its user a fun experience.
Fog Lamps: A pair of projector lamp is installed to improve the night visibility. Also, to give the viewer an extra reason to admire a car.
Noise reduction Damping: Motohunger damping used to kill unnecessary noises of the cabin. What is the use of spending extra bucks if we hear the irritating creaking and cracking noises in cabin?
The output of our effort and hard work is amazing as you can see in a video.
Moreover, the best output is our happy and satisfied customer. No any feeling can be compared with the feeling of seeing a happy and satisfied customer.

“It’s time to show the love for your car, it’s time to visit Car Cupid.”

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