Classic Mercedes Benz Brakes and rotors 4K

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21 thoughts on “Classic Mercedes Benz Brakes and rotors 4K

  1. Apropos brakes: (a bit OT)… '83 240 D rear brakes would lock up aft use; Evidently, rear brakes have dual-wall rubber hydraulic lines… it may occur that the interior liner of brake line breaks down (no visible exterior indications of such)… once brake pressure is applied, brake fluid can "wedge" in between inner an outer layers… internally pinching off the interior of the line… and preventing release of pressure while releasing brakes; Solution: wait a few minutes for "locked" pressure to bleed off…continue with caution and reduced speed… possibly prepared to use parking brake as a back up. This happened to me with 2 kids in the car on the I-94 between Madison and Minneapolis, Christmas travel… in a blizzard (of course) Kudos to the St. Paul Mercedes dealer; despite an "old,cheap car"… they treated my kids and me as royalty…. unlimited hot chocolate… plenty of Merceds-Benz "bling" for the kids (they never forgot, both drive classic Benzes… as do I)

  2. Can you do a video about adjusting wheel bearings and rejuvenating the grease? Mine aren't making any noise, but they are just a little loose and likely could use some fresh grease.

  3. I converted my 1995 E300 D to E420 rotors and calipers. I used Centrics, most folks would probably say they're bad or cheap, but Centric is StopTech's consumer brand. StopTech makes excellent brake components and I've only had one issue with them. My brakes are squealing just a bit, and it's not the fault of Centric; my front wheel bearings need to be adjusted causing the squealing. I've had no vibration from the brakes, just squealing and 95% of it is only in reverse. I have Centric rotors and pads on a 96 F350 and they do a great job as well. I of course bed my brakes in. I've done some aggressive braking sessions (without stopping) and had no issues with either vehicle. Now, if you want to spend more money on rotors and pads I won't fault you, but the centrics have been a great price for the quality in my experience.

  4. I purchased TRW rotors for my 1987 300E and they are great so far. I matched them with ATE pads. I loved Pagid but now they make everything in China and the quality has gone down… not worth saving the money on safety!

  5. Wonderful Video! Great information! I had good experiences with the O’REILEY BrakeBest Select Brake Rotor brand for my 560SEL
    At 89 bucks each they are not cheap compared to the new Bosch low cost series “Bosch QuietCast Brake Rotor” which retail for 46 bucks each
    If I would drive consistently over 100 Miles per Hour then I would use only and I mean ONLY Original Mercedes Benz Rotors from MB not matter what the cost would be. Thanks again JP for a great video!

  6. How about rotors from Ate for w113 ? I guess If you buy From Mercedes you will receive an ate rotor with the mb logo on it and the double price only .
    I once bought brake pads from Mercedes and they were actually ate pads with only a small Mercedes star on it , no difference at all .

  7. I ordered brake rotors for my 560SEC from Mercedes. I went to pick them up and they didn’t come in a box or at the least a bag to protect from scratches. I asked the parts mgr, he said that is how they come. No extra charge for the deep scratches😂, never again from Mercedes

  8. IIRC, rotors are considered "wear items" or consumables on 126 cars and perhaps others. Also the practice of "bedding in" brake pads is rarely followed. It's probably not necessary for a daily driver, by for spirited driving, it's good idea.

  9. Good advice Pierre, an auto shop fitted Brembo rotors to my R107 which were less than stellar (the rears squealed under all braking conditions no matter what was done), I had them replaced under warranty with Mercedes OEM and didn't look back.

  10. I was very lucky to have bought my W116 with a complete brake job already done, right before the sale: calipers, rotors, pads, master cylinder, hoses- all Genuine MB

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