Shelly 1 / Shelly 1PM Teardown – Sonoff Mini R1 Comparison

Simple Teardown to see the inside of Shelly 1 and Shelly 1PM.
Also feature a side by side comparison with Sonoff Mini R1.

– Shelly feature a proper regulator IC to precisely step-down the AC voltage to 12V DC whereby the Sonoff just use some passive component to do the AC/DC conversation.
– Both Shelly use 12V Hong Fa relay where Sonoff use a 5V Golden relay, The Hong Fa relay is more well known and 12V relay is usually more reliable compare to 5V relay as they required less current to activate the relay and holding the contact in place.
– Shelly 1PM feature a Power metering IC and it seem to have good precision.
– Shelly 1 and Shelly 1PM have ready to access Pin header and hatch for adding sensor and flashing, whereby the Sonoff Mini only have tiny soldering pad which can be hard to solder for flashing to 3rd party firmware.
– Shelly 1 and Shelly 1PM feature internal antenna and smaller case size, easier to fit inside a power switch case.

Price wise, Sonoff Mini is around 10-12 USD where by shelly 1 is around 20-22 USD.

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