Rebuilding a Copart Car – 2009 Ford KA – Ep 2 – Front End Rebuild

Rebuilding a Ford KA that we purchased from Copart as a category N salvage Car.

I bought this KA randomly while watching the Copart auctions. In this episode we complete the build on the front end and get the car ready for sale and the new owner.

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I was inspired by a number of YouTuber’s and here is a link to one of them, SLR Rebuilt:

Recovery of the car was done by Icon Automotive who offer a very high quality service. There facebook account is located here if you want to get in contact with them.

Renault Radio Code App

Plastic Welder Tool

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One thought on “Rebuilding a Copart Car – 2009 Ford KA – Ep 2 – Front End Rebuild

  1. Looks smart – proper job with nice detail/finish. I might have found a keyfob to give with the key, the front numberplate digit spacing looks off compared to the rear and draws attention to it and you might want to consider removing the salvage marks/serial numbers once you know parts fit so it's less obvious that they have been replaced. Had a laugh at the wee comment. Keep up the good work!

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