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  1. Bai Mikegyver you're a good man. Wish mama Rose was close by…may sakit sab ako kumander. Maayo nalang mga igsoon babae and in-law naga luto ug palit mga pagkaon every weekend. God bless you Bro…and Get well soon Kulas Ah!

  2. Kulas is very fortunate to have you mama rose and mike for adopting him and treating him as a family.also,I learned new recipes.i will prepare the ampalaya salad in our fellowship meal because it is vegetarian.

  3. Wonderful!! Thank you for posting these yummy recipes !! I miss provincial fresh cooking in the Philippines. I am a half Filipino half Persian woman who hasn’t visited the country for 21 years ! And am dieing to visit . We wanted to come this Summer but, unfortunately, COVID didn’t allow it ! I will definitely try your recipes Mama Rose. They look delicious ! I can already smell and taste the ocean breeze !

  4. Mama ?Rose
    Showing the???
    My wife favourite dish…yummiest
    Greetings from Dublin Ireland ??miss the Philippines ??вќ¤?
    Thanks Mike…
    One day I will be in
    Higaden в›±beach..

  5. good for Kulas to have good friends and fresh food in isolation. Both of my parents were isolated in a CdO hotel for Covid but were not allowed to accept outside food. Instead they were served cheapest fried fish meal daily that were bordering on spoilage. The survived the ordeal by eating crackers and oatmeal. Nice job mama rose.

  6. Hi mama Rose and Mike Gyver… Im so proud of you guys helping each other specially when times like this (Covid)..loving Kulas is more likely than loving our siblings and also kumander D.. I appreciate your love to them the most.. God bless all of you.. Stay safe always..from Canada

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