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Full transcript:
Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. Today on our 2021 Kia Sportage, we’re gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Draw-Tite class III trailer hitch receiver. So it seems like many of our Sportage customers use their SUV’s to do a little bit of everything. So if it we’re me, I would want a hitch that could handle, you know, pretty much anything you want to throw at it, and I think this Draw-Tite is going to do just that. So one of the big things I noticed that kind of separates this hitch from some of the others, is I think this one would be a better choice for those of you that plan on doing quite a bit of towing. Now that’s not to say that this won’t work well with hitch-mounted accessories like a bike rack or cargo carrier, because it will.

Gives us good clearance and everything. But just the overall design of the hitch kinda is better suited for regular towing, if that makes sense. The safety chain openings are gonna be down here and a lot larger and really easy to get to. It’s gonna come with a pre-attached bracket. That way you could secure your trailer wiring here.

And it’s just gonna have some higher weight capacity, so if you plan on primarily towing, this would definitely be the route that I personally would take. Since this is a class III hitch, it’s gonna have that two-inch by two-inch receiver tube opening. So really common size, a ton of different accessories will work with it. And it’s also gonna have a reinforced collar for a little bit of extra strength. It’s going to utilize that standard 5/8 pinhole.

Now keep in mind, a pin and clip does not come included, but if you need one, you can find it here at etrailer. There’s also gonna be a small hole in front of our main pinhole, and that’s there to allow us to use a J pen, which is a stabilization device, and that’ll eliminate any slop or play here in the connection point. And if that’s something you’re interested in, you can find that here at etrailer here as well. Kind of talked about the safety chain openings, how they’re really large and hang down. So they’ll give us ample room to use pretty much any size hook that we might have.

And as far as the weight capacities go, they’re gonna be really impressive. As far as the hitch’s maximum gross tongue weight rating goes, that’s gonna be 675 pounds, and that’s gonna be the amount of weight that’s pushing down on the hitch. That’s a pretty high number, and you should be able to use pretty much any size bike rack or cargo carrier that you would want to, for example. As far as the hitch’s maximum gross trailer weight rating goes, that’s gonna be 4,500 pounds. That’s gonna be the amount of weight that’s pulling on the hitch. So that is the weight of your trailer plus anything that you might have on it. Now this hitch can be used with a weight distribution system, which is a separate component, and when you use that, what it’s gonna do is help keep your Kia and your trailer nice and level whenever you’re going down the road. But keep in mind, even if you use that component, the weight capacities are going to remain the same. Now I do always like to suggest never a bad idea just to grab your Kia’s owner’s manual. That way you can make sure your Sportage can pull that much weight safely. And if you do plan on doing some towing, not a bad idea to check out some trailer wiring. That way the lights on your trailer will match up with the lights on the back of your Kia, and you’ll be safe and legal. I’m gonna give you a couple of measurements, and you can use these to help figure out which hitch mount accessories to get. From the ground to the top inside edge of the receiver tube opening, that’s gonna be about 14 inches. So if you do plan on doing some towing, chances are pretty good you’re gonna need to get a ball mount with a rise. From the center of the hitch pinhole to the edge of our rear bumper, that’s gonna be about four and a half inches, and you can use that measurement to figure out that if any folding accessories you might have can be stored in that upright position without contacting the bumper. So at the end of the day, if this we’re my Kia and I wanted to do some towing, I feel like this would be the hitch that I would definitely lean to. But with that being said, it’s also gonna work for those accessories really well too, so you kind of get the best of both worlds there. Now, as far as the installation goes, it’s rea

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