Making a grille assembly for the Classic Mini

In this video we go behind the scenes at British Motor Heritage Limited, to show you the processes of manufacturing a Classic Mini grille assembly.

19 thoughts on “Making a grille assembly for the Classic Mini

  1. Good to see that we can still get genuine parts for our much loved little cars but we really need you to add to your parts listing are the original steel MK 1 MK 2 external door hinges so we don't have to use those lightweight crappy alloy ones and used ones are getting hard to find. Hope you make them as there are a lot of Minis out there world wide that need new hinges.

  2. I am so glad that they have reverted to the simpler shape of the MkI grille.
    But the important question is: Can you still specify the classic Austin wavy line grille slats?

  3. stunning work ,,, but for the same price or a little bit more in steel , and a different press , you could have an e type at the end instead of a mini ,,,,, just a thought

  4. When I was an apprentice we made very large presses at work, we also made dies and had a pressings division to fine tune them. This eventually became Rolls Royce Pressings.

  5. is it possible to order a front panel without the grille holes punched out, for one of my applications it would be good if it was solid metal behind the grille.

  6. I always wondered if they had to follow a guide to spot weld placement or it was up to the worker as i have found differing patterns on different pieces of same body parts.

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